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Keftedes / Meatballs … …as a child , every time I’d realise that my mum wa…

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Keftedes / Meatballs …

…as a child , every time I’d realise that my mum was preparing keftedes for dinner , I would do a little celebration dance because that was THE favourite food of my childhood .
It also helped that it was always served with homemade chunky chips , perfectly seasoned and sprinkled with the most fragrant dried Greek oregano .
A side of freshly made tzatziki and sliced tomato and onion platter in oil & vinegar goes very well .
Have it as a platter , or put everything in a pitta and enjoy on the go !

Makes 16 :
In a bowl ,mix 500gr pork mince , 500gr beef mince, 2x finely chopped onions ,150gr natural breadcrumbs , 1x egg, 2x tbsps olive oil, 2x tbsp red wine vinegar , a handful of chopped dill , salt and pepper . Knead until mixed well, cover with cling film and leave in fridge for half an hour. A cold mixture is what will create a bit of a crunch on the outsides when cooked , which is what we are after.
Fill a frying pan with sunflower oil , up to the height of half the meatball and heat up .
Shape into 16 balls (actually I flatten them slightly but when they go into the pan they expand and become more ball-like) , coat them with flour that has been seasoned, dust off any excess flour and 5-6 at a time and cook them , in medium heat ,for 4 minutes on each side . Drain them on kitchen paper to get rid of excess oil .

For the tzatziki:
Grate half a cucumber , skin on , and then put in a tea towel and squeeze most of the water out .
Mix the cucumber with 250gr Greek yoghurt , 2x large cloves of garlic, a handful of chopped dill , 4x tbsps extra virgin olive oil, 2x tbsps red wine vinegar and salt .