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Pineapple Syrup over Crushed Ice … …desperate times ,call for desperate meas…

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Pineapple Syrup over Crushed Ice …
…desperate times ,call for desperate measures and with the temperatures soaring today , the children have been begging me all morning for something cold and flavoursome ( which is code for extra sugary 🙄). So I remembered I had some frozen pineapple chunks , and attempted to make some sort of a juice/ syrup to pour over ice in a cup.
I boiled 2 cups of water and 200gr of sugar , and then mixed it in the food processor with a couple of cups of the frozen pineapple chunks . I separated the fruit pulp and the liquid by passing the mix through a sieve. I poured the liquid over crushed ice and topped it up with the pulped fruit .
Scooped , slurped and thoroughly enjoyed !! ☀️🍧